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Social Media Calendar 2021

Social Media Calendar 2021 Template

Social Media Calendar includes details of upcoming important days and what are the things we need to post or promote in social media with respect to the social media calendar.

You can schedule a post on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram etc.

Prepare Social Media calendar in advance and save a lot of time. This calendar helps you in Branding and Promoting a Product and Services.

Advantages of using a Social Media Content Calendar?

  • Save your important time
  • Easier way manage a post without conflict
  • Easier to create text and graphics content
  • You won’t miss important days post
  • you can use the same calendar for even clients

You can use Social Media Calendar for increasing the presence in all social media channels. Every business needs Social media helps to grow around the world.

Social Media Marketing Tips

  • Follow Social Media Calendar for Important Days
  • Design Banners using Canva/Photoshop/Other Designing Tool
  • Write Post Title Cache and Interesting
  • Schedule Social Media Post using Hootsuite or other scheduling tools
  • Write an article before one month of a special day
  • Post Interesting and relevant topics related to your audience
  • Do once in 15 Days Q/A Sessions(FB and YouTube)
  • Conduct Webinars via Social Media Channels
  • Create More Image and Video content to reach more audience
  • Use #HashTags in Post
  • Always use the logo in Image post for Branding
  • Use short links while sharing in Social Media Channels
  • Post Infographics

Benefits of using Social Media Calendar

  1. A social media calendar will save you time and allow you to track and test different strategies.
  2. Using of Social media content calendar is the ability to visualize your social content strategy over a period of time and stay organized across all social channels
  3. Planning out social media calendar months in advance and Scheduling posts ahead of time will save you from scouring trending topics and news stories every day looking for ideas.
  4. Scheduling a calendar also has the potential to support your entire content strategy by reinforcing goals and messaging, facilitating collaboration, and enabling more efficient effective publishing.
  5. It also Builds a greater consistency in terms of your Brand voice and style than posting in a reactive or unplanned way.
  6. You can make your own template or download it from any search engines like Google, Bing, many more… and you can add your content in them and schedule it so that it will post automatically even if you are busy in some other work.
  7. A solid Social Media Calendar allows plenty of time to fill the space with relevant content that is valuable to your audience rather than posting on the fly.
  8. Using a Social Media content calendar allows you to develop a unified voice and create a consistent flow of content that continues to build towards your ultimate marketing goals.

Some of the major benefits include:

1. Helps you in keeping organized:

When there are so many things running in your mind about multiple tasks you might just scribble it on paper and end up losing that paper thus affecting all your hard work. With social media calendar it helps you to keep all in the task in an organized way and so that you don’t have to stress about what to do next .

2. Helps in maintaining consistency :

There might be days when you are running out of thoughts and you don’t know what to post and to meet the deadline you end up posting something irrelevant which the audience might not like.It is necessary to post the content which is relevant, educational and entertaining. It is important to maintain our popularity among the customers because we can’t afford to lose even one customer because of one bad day, so it is always good to plan the content and schedule it in advance so that when it’s a bad day it works as savior.

3.Helps from posting repetitive content:

The audience today is very clear about what they want and they need to be entertained with different contents like blogs, pictures, videos, behind the scenes, etc. Everyone is bored when you are posting the same thing. Unintentionally because of the tight schedule you might end up posting a content which is already posted 2-3 days back. With social media calendar you can be aware of one month schedule in advance so that you know what was posted before and what will be posted in the coming days.

4.Keeps all the teams on the same page:

When you have planned one month in advance it is also easy for other teams to plan their strategies accordingly. For example if you can share your calendar with the sales team they can tell some tips on how to address with the audience and also the data analytics team can track and tell which of the strategies have worked best in the past.

Conclusion: As we know “prevention is better than cure” planning the task with social media calendar helps in various ways and prevents messing up things . So it is good to maintain one.

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